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Mario Eduard Giovanelli, the initiator, director and majority shareholder of ELC is an international active entrepreneur; long-time (since 1984) experienced mastermind relating to creative and alternative, sustainable, human-ecological businesses; business success power trainer & coach; inventor, author, painter.

He was and is involved in international businesses with numerous establishments and takeovers of businesses, in countries such as Switzerland, Spain, the USA, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Dominica and other more.

Part of this was and are the establishment and/or the takeover, management and selling of media publishing houses, private TV, data management, marketing, gastronomy, hotel businesses and many others.

Particular highlights were, among others, the establishment of the first private bank in the Ukraine in 1992 (after the fall of the USSR, at a time when there was no definite constitution, no stock corporation and/or corporate law and no real cash money, just ‘Kupons’), as well as the development, establishment and implementation of one of the first Internet casinos with real time gaming (as early as 1997).

Two of his books


New - will be published at the end of January 2019
(only available on own web sites, as well as at local lectures and seminars)

Other own websites:

Lectures, seminars, concept & idea vlog

Blockchain technology consulting & -trainings;
development of blockchains, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies u. DAPPS;
implementation of ICO's / ITO's and US IPO's as well as complete marketing