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In spring / early summer 2018 we'll start with our "Live Shopping Shows".

At the start, this "Live Shopping Shows" will be broadcast once a week, always on Thursday at 6:30 pm.

In succession, if necessary, the broadcast of the "Live Shopping Shows" will take place three times a week, later daily and in the end even hourly.

Info for ALL members

Every new broadcast of our "Live Shopping Show" will always present a new company with one or more new products or services.

Our "Live Shopping Shows" (product or service presentations and sales) are presented in the form of a moderated live discussion either from the respective company headquarters, occasionally also at a tourism or leisure resort near the respective company headquarters or from our own broadcast studio.

At the presentation and sale discussion are always at least one, usually even two of our moderators and an administrator, as well as usually the manufacturer or dealer, employees of the company and both interested and already existing customers present.

ELC members who follow our "Live Shopping Show" and have questions, suggestions or wishes to the manufacturer / dealer or to the product or the service, can use our live chat service and put these questions to the discussion. As a rule, serious inquiries are answered live during the discussion.


During the "Live Shopping Show" registered members may order the presented product(s) and/or service(s) in our online shop at a very special low price. This price is during the show always much cheaper than usually in the shop.

Every 10th customer during the "Live Shopping Show" receives the full product price on his member account!
The winners will be shown at the end of the "Live Shopping Show" and also informed by email.


The "Live Shopping Shows" for "Business Premium Members"

Registered "Business Premium Members" may participate in one FREE "Live Shopping Show" per year.
Whenever a "Business Premium Member" wants to present his company and one or more of his products or services, as well as sell them via our shop, he just have so use our special "Show-Inquiry-Form >>
The ranking of the broadcast will take place in the order of the requests. A free broadcast at a certain time / period can not be guaranteed. Broadcasts at a certain time / period may be agreed upon extra costs.

Each "Live Shopping Show" is recorded and will be made available on our community site as well as on various video services on the Internet, e.g. YouTube, Google+, Vimeo and similar, thus can be viewed at anytime from anywhere. This means additional multiple marketing for each "Business Premium Member".
In addition, each "Business Premium Member" receives a recording of his "Live Shopping Show" to unlimited use of his own.

On special inquiry "Business Premium Member" who sell respective products or services via our shop may receive the right to broadcast their own "Live Media Shopping Show" via our community platform.
Such broadcast can either be made from the repsective office of the "Business Premium Member" or from one of our studios. Also our moderators and administrators can be rented for an individual show.
Beside the fair fees for the equipment, the studio rental, cameramen, our moderators and administratos - in case this will be needed - it is free for all "Business Premium Members" who got the permission to broadcast any "Live Media Shopping Show" from wherever they want and whenever they want. It is - beside high quality camers - no special hardware or software needed to conduct own shows. Hereof just send an email to: tv-rental[at]easylifecommunity[dot]com

Live (Shopping) Shows for "Private Members" and "Business Members"

Any member may upon special inquiry use our platform, equipment and staff for fee-based broadcasts, no matter if it is for a company and/or product promotion or any other serious event.
In case of interest send an email to: tv-rental[at]easylifecommunity[dot]com