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It has been known for a long time that the end of the current form of market, financial and Internet systems is imminent and that new, efficient technologies allow new, cost saving, thus highly-profitable billion dollar opportunities (US-English: trillion dollar opportunities).

Leading business, finance and IT experts around the world announced as early as 2014/15 that sooner or later the absolute killer solution will completely revolutionize global economy, financial and Internet systems.

It has been a long wait for such a killer application.

Now, here it is: the "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network"!


One question in advance: if you are not invested in an international bank and/or if you did not start early on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and/or one of the leading cryptocurrencies as an investor, would you like to have done it from today's point of view?

One thing you should be perfectly clear about from the outset: the "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" will be in just a few months one of the largest ever-existing success stories of the international financial and Internet markets.


Because the "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (short: ELC) will not only pay each registered user a monthly "Unconditional Basic Income" of about $2,000, but also represent a perfect combination of all functionalities of Google, Facebook, Amazon or Alibaba, as well as of the leading cryptocurrencies. All build on an own, independent, fast, fair and secure blockchain and cryptocurrency which will in future inevitably be used in all economic sectors.

Due to the unprecedented economic benefits of the "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" it is easily to assume that masses of the Internet users will make a lightning-fast switch from the usual standard online offers to the "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network".

And you as one of no more than maximum 10 future-oriented entrepreneurs/companies worldwide, are - directly from the initiator - invited to benefit from this killer business.
And so that we understand each other right from the start: we are talking about a billion dollar business.

If you are interested in becoming the partner of a company with the world's highest financial potential, you should read on now.

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  • a new, globally operating, central administration (similar to a World Bank)*) with a new globally vailid medium of exchange (similar to a global currency)*), that is completely independent of sovereigns and price fluctuations in itself, at the rate of multiple times the total world capital added of all currencies globally traded
    *) In order to comply with the current financial and banking legislations, we expressly state that the above term "World Bank" and "global currency" have been used for the sake of greater understanding only. Fact is: we offer a globally applicable complementary medium of exchange manged centrally.
    Furthermore: we are definitely not talking about one more simple cryptocurrency for crowdfunding (ICO / ITO) or similiar purposes

  • this currency will be used by everyone, both individuals (consumers) and entrepreneurs / companies (producers and traders);

  • in addition to the security from financial crashes, all users of this new, globally valid medium of exchange will, completely automatically and without any effort and costs, receive a monthly unconditional basic income of about 2,000 U.S. Dollars - month after month;

  • all users of this medium of exchange will also fully automatically get back the full pruchase prices or investments in annually increasing installments, no matter when, where and what they shop or invest and how high the price or the investment will be;

    this all is combined with

    • a global social community like Facebook where 45% (fourty-five percent) of the advertising revenue is automatically shared among all users and where users are rewarded several times for friendship invitations by an automatic affiliate system
      [What do you think, how many of the billions of social media users will stay with their community when they find out that we offer the same features, but also participation in the success they bring?],

    • a global online store like Amazon or Alibaba based on our own proprietary medium of exchange
      [What do you think, how many online customers will still shop at other stores once they know that they can get back the purchase price at our store?],

    • a global multi-vendor store where all companies can offer their products and services via our proprietary medium of exchange and benefit from our purchase price refund without having to pay a single sent for it
      [What do you think, how many smart companies will take advantage of this tremendous and free sales promotion, the de facto free purchase of their products and services, and become our partners?],

    • a single, globally active all-in-one Internet platform that not only provides all the usual online services, e.g. live shopping shows, advertising, auctions, crowdfunding, seminars, news, radio & TV for free, but also access to all major new blockchain-based developments and services at one single URL
      [What do you think, how many Internet users will appreciate having access to the best and most modern offers including crypto exchange, brokerage and more at one URL instead of countless sites and bookmarks?];

  • this company is equipped with its own universal bank, own funds and an own stock exchange and globally marketed through multiple, different promotions and events, each of which is profitable on its own (not only does it cost nothing, it even makes a profit).

And now imagine you are one of no more than 10 partners worldwide who co-initiated this business and benefit from it.

Do you recognize the potential?

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Hard Facts

We offer a small, strictly limited number of handpicked large-scale investors a very interesting partnership in the form of a highly profitable private pre-IPO/ICO investment (purchase of pre-IPO stock options) at the following conditions:

  • Absolute minimum investment per investor (group): $ 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand United States Dollars);

  • Tenfold profit - we offer a 90% investment discount, meaning we transfer stock options at the tenfold value of the investment (example: in case one invests $ 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand US$) he will receive stock options in the value of $ 5,000,000.00 (five million US$),

    plus the amount of your investment in our own medium of exchange / cryptocurrency
    (example: in case one invests $ 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand US$) he will receive 500,000 coins of our cryptocurrency what - because of the fact that one coin will have the value of one gram of gold - will amount in about $ 20,000,000.00 (twenty million US$);

  • Short duration of only 48 months (maximum)1), because between the earliest investment and the official initial public offering it will take only about 24 to 36 months (36 months at the maximum) and the complete profit can be collected within 12 months after the IPO (accordingly to the contractually agreed lock-up period2));

  • Full independence from the usual markers of business success (e.g. turnovers, loawa, profits, etc.), as well as from common exchange rate fluctuations and similar risks - the profit only depends on the low price one pays for the stock options, respectively the discount one gets and the official price of the shares at the time of the IPO, respectively after the end of the lock-up period;

  • 100% profit equalization - in the event that, for whatever reason, the trading value of the stock options transferred at the end of the lock-up period is less than ten times the investment, we offset the difference in the form of additional stock transfers;

  • The pre-IPO stock options are - privately - fully tradable from the moment of purchase (confirmation of issuance) until six (6) months prior the initial public offering;

  • 100% discretion guaranteed - tax-efficient processing possible.

1) We are able to fulfill the standard duration of the investment of thirty-six (36) months, but for security reasons (we will of course wait and see for the globally best economical moment for the IPO) we are talking of a duration of forty-eight (48) months (4 years) in our 'Investment Agreement'.

2) A lock-up period of 12 (twelve) months will be contractually agreed.

More detailed info about us and our business:

You are already on the company's beta portal site and can see all the important information at this site. Just follow the links in the right.

Serious prospective partners/investors who contact us by email, providing exact, comprehensive contact details, in particular a telephone number and who will sign a confidentiality and non-circumvention agreement in advance, will - upon request - receive our detailed, 56-page "Business Plan".

In case you are seriously interested in our offer send us an email INCLUDING YOUR PHONE NUMBER (further info will only be provided to persons/companies who/which forward us exact contact information - especially a phone number) to: contact[at]easylifecommunity[dot]com

Important: the currently offered cryptocurrency, "GLOBE" as can be found on our site and various crypto listings, has nothing to do with (doesn't equate to) the medium of exchange (with the same name) we talk about in our invititation to partnership.

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